Baronial Council

The Baronial Council consists of the Baron and Baroness; all Officers of the Barony; and all Baronial members who are Peers, Court Barons or Baronesses, or the heads of Baronial Guilds.
baron's badgeBaronessClare Agatha
baron's badgeBaronDavid du
seneschal's badgeSeneschalGabriel De
exchequer's badgeExchequerAmaryllis of Castel
herald's badgeHeraldJames Erec of
moas's badgeMinister of Arts & SciencesAdalia
chronicler's badgeChroniclerNara
marshal's badgeKnight MarshalDowglaß Brewere of
rapier's badgeRapier MarshalClare Agatha
web's badgeWebministerRobat
chatelaine's badgeChatelaineRacheel Domonique de
SignetHermina Matilda de Ainesleah of
Minister of the Listsvacant
ChivalryWulfgang von den Lowen
ChivalryHreodbeorht of Harhun-dell
LaurelMonika z Gniezno
LaurelHermina Matilda de Ainesleah of Meredene
LaurelFaerisa Gwynarden
PelicanWulfgang von den Lowen
PelicanAleksandr Vasilyevich Lev of Volynia
Court BaronThrym Oddomsson
Court BaronWulfgang von den Lowen
Court BaronessGabriela Maria dei Clementini D'Orvieto
Court BaronTorin of Hyrcania
Court BaronessHermina Matilda de Ainesleah of Meredene
Court BaronRobin Arthur Kyrke
Head of the Cook's GuildCeridwyn Nith of Cashel