A Compilation of the Names and Armorial of Past and Present Members
as Registered with the SCA College of Arms.

This roll lists all items known to be registered as of July 2005.

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Barony of Castel Rouge

Gules, a tower within a laurel wreath, and on a chief argent three maple leaves vert.

Barony of Castel Rouge

Populace badge


Barony of Castel Rouge

Name & Badge for L'Ordre du Flocon de Neige ('The Order of the Snowflake')

(Fieldless); On a tower gules a snowflake argent.

(name registered, no device)

Canton of Chasteau Nouveau

Aelflaeda FitzAlain

Argent, on a pale wavy purpure a unicorn passant to sinister between two roses argent.


see Hermina Matilda de Ainesleah of Meredene

(name registered, no device)

Alberic of Knaresborough

Aleksandr Vasilyevich Lev

Azure, a lion rampant guardant, maintaining a patriarchal crosier, within a stooped arch, doors open, all Or.

Alfhild the Mad

Sable, a dragon rampant argent, armed Or, in chief two lymphads sailing to sinister, sails furled, flags flying and oars in motion, all Or.

Alfhild the Mad

Name & Badge for House of Vadash

Azure, in bend a sinister hand pointing sinister and a dexter hand pointing dexter proper and in bend sinister a lymphad and a lymphad reversed, flags flying, sails furled, and oars in motion sternwards, both fesswise, Or.

Alixe Pfau von Herscheid

Or, a peacock in its pride sable, in chief a sun gules.

Ann of Conisborough

Per bend sable and ermine, a bend cottised Or, and in sinister chief a fleur-de-lys argent.

Anne Redlocks

Purpure, a phoenix facing sinister Or, rising from flames proper, issuant from two arrows inverted in saltire argent.

Arbas an Connachtach (known as Grimouwulf)

Per bend sinister argent and Or, a griffin segreant to sinister sable, collared and chained Or, and in base an estoile sable.

Berach mac Arailt Oicc

Barry azure and argent, three gouttes d'Or one and two.


see Thrym Oddomsson

Céline de Frontenac

Barry vert and argent, a sheaf of three arrows gules.

Ceridwyn Nith of Cashel

Gules, a pall between a trefoil and two pithons nowed erect respectant argent.

Clare Agatha MacLeod

Or, three dolphins haurient gules, a bordure nebuly sable.

Corwin of Lincoln

Sable, a bend sinister Or cottised argent, and in dexter chief a compass star argent within an annulet Or.

Damianós Arrianus Alexius Nicosiaios

Gules, a Gorgon's head cabossed argent between in fess two swords inverted proper.

(name registered, no device)

Dirk van der Kruis

(name registered, no device)

Dzinovia Dubrovna

Ellen of Neglamer

Sable, a conical roofed tower Or, ajouree in the upper sinister part.

Erec of York

see James Erik of York

Evan Aethalwald

Azure, a sword inverted between two others in chevron, all conjoined at the tips, each pommeled of an estoille of eight points elongated to chief, and in chief an estoille of eight points argent.

Ewen of Melmerby

Sable, an aeolus, on a chief argent a salamander azure enflamed sable.

Gabriel De Lion

Per saltire Or and sable, a bend counterchanged and overall a lion sejant gules.

Gabriela Maria dei Clementini d'Orvieto

Vert, on a bend sinister azure fimbriated argent, between two roses Or seeded gules, seven estoiles argent.

Gabriela Maria dei Clementini d'Orvieto

personal badge

Azure, a domestic cat statant contourny between three estoiles two and one argent and a chief wavy paly Or and vert.

Gillian du Bois des Fleurs

Argent, a Lombardy poplar tree eradicated proper (populus nigra, var. Italica) between two gillyflowers (dianthus caryophyllus) gules, slipped and leaved proper.


see Arbas an Connachtach

Guinevere of the Garloch

Per pale vert and Or, two lions combattant guardant and in chief three fleurs-de-lis one and two, all counterchanged.

Henry of Bedrule

Per bend sinister argent and gules, a hemlock tree and an owl contourny, counterchanged.

Hermina Matilda de Ainesleah of Meredene (known as Ainesleah)

Pean, three bendlets vert and a chief urdy Or.

Hrothebert van Dyke

Or, a panther rampant guardant sable, armed and incensed gules, and on a base embattled azure two bars wavy Or.

(Former member, not to be confused with Hreodbeorht of Harhun-dell, who has not yet registered his name.)

Hywel ap Ridderch

Per saltire vert and gules, a barrel helm affronty argent, within the ocularium a cyclopean eye proper, irised sable.

Ian MacDougall of Skye

Argent, a bend sinister lozengy between a lion rampant and in bend sinister three swords inverted sable.

Isabella Luisa de la Vega

Per bend wavy argent and azure, two sea-horses counterchanged.

James Erik of York

Gules semy of roses Or, a sea-dog rampant argent.

This replaces Erik's old device, 'Gules, a sword Or between flaunches wavy argent, each charged with a rose gules'.

Jean Guy de Bayeux

Or, a dance sable between three spur rowels gules all within a bordure sable.

Jean Guy de Bayeux

personal badge

Or, three drums within a bordure sable.

Juan Martín del Halcón

Argent, on a falcon volant to dexter chief sable between in chief two swords inverted gules a mullet of eight points Or.

Kazimierez Zdzislaw (known as Kaz)

Per chevron sable and gules, a chevronel Or between a point dexter conjoined with a point sinister and an eagle displayed argent, armed, langued, membered, and crowned with a maple leaf Or.

Lawrie of Orkney

Per fess argent and Or, a fox's head erased and in chief four mullets gules.

Luanmaise nic Ailithir

Vert, a decrescent argent within an arch stooped Or, between three mullets argent.

Madeleine de la Neige

Azure, three snowflakes Or and a base nebuly argent.

Magdalene de Liège

Quarterly Or and gules, a cross fleuretty between four estoiles, all counterchanged.

Mariya Annuschka Oblomovna of Kiev (known as Annuschka)

Argent, a bull rampant regardant sable and on a base engrailed gules a crescent argent.

Medb nic Ruaidhrí

Or semy of triskeles gules, a dragon passant to sinister sable within a bordure gules.

Menken Brechen

Per bend sinister gules and checky sable and argent, in dexter chief in pale a fleur-de-lys and three billets fesswise argent.

Michel Beaudran d'Avignon

Azure, a tricorporate lion Or, in chief three crosses crosslet fitchy argent.

Mór Dúin Ruaid (known as Mora)

Per pale azure and argent a Lacy knot, on a chief three triskeles all counterchanged.

Mordain Blackcloak

Per fess rayonny sable and Or, a crescent pendant Or and a mullet of eight points gules.

Musashi Shigenotsuke (known as Pedro de Carrion del los Condes Ramirez)

Quarterly wavy Or and azure, a sun in his splendor argent between four escallops inverted counterchanged.

Osric of Fayrehope

Or, a sea-lion erect vert within a bordure engrailed purpure, ermined argent.

Paulina Céline

Counter-vairy Or and azure, an increscent and on a chief gules a lion dormant Or.

Pedro de Carrion del los Condes Ramirez

see Musashi Shigenotsuke

(name registered, no device)

Racheel Dominique de Brienne

(name registered, no device)

Racheldis of Glastonburye

Reiner von Radewormwald

Per bend sable and argent, a demi-sun issuant sinister from the line of division Or.

Rhodri ap Rhydderch

Sable, a boar's head erased, on a chief argent three escallops gules.

Robin Arthur Kyrke

Or, on a bend sinister cotised vert between a robin rising contourny, wings addorsed, and a church azure, three billets Or.

Robin Arthur Kyrke

personal badge

Per pale Or and vert, a pheon inverted counterchanged.

Rowena of Warwick

Or, a saltire engrailed between four fleurs-de-lys azure.

Seán mac Conaill uí Bhraonáin

Azure, two chevronels sable fimbriated and in chief two wolves combattant argent.


see Musashi Shigenotsuke

Sian verch Gruffydd

Or, on a bend sable between two griffins passant vert, three escallops palewise Or.

Sylvester von Beerburg

Argent, on a rose sable, barbed vert, a death's head argent.

(name registered, no device)

Thrym Oddomsson (known as Cein)

Torin of Hyrcania

Gyronny argent and sable, in chief a torteau, as an augmentation, upon the torteau a dragon passant argent.

Volodymyr Bohdan Blahuciak

Or, a Latin cross atop a crescent inverted azure.

Volodymyr Bohdan Blahuciak

personal badge

Per chevron azure and Or, two cats passant guardant and a Latin cross atop a crescent inverted counterchanged.

This was Volodymyr's original device. When he registered a new simpler device, he retained his old device as a badge.

Wulfgang von den Lowen

Or, two lion's heads erased conjoined at the neck and a chief sable.

Xristina Viacheslavivna

Azure, a swan naiant contourny, wings addorsed argent, between flaunches Or, in cross four water-lilies in profile counterchanged.

Yseulte merch Saer of Caer-Pren-Rhosyn

see Gabriela Maria dei Clementini d'Orvieto


In the Society for Creative Anachronism, people are encouraged to design and register their own "coat of arms", or armorial device. Approval and registration of these "devices" is handled by the SCA College of Arms, which ensures that the designs are compatible with medieval heraldic practices.

The College of Arms also registers the person's SCA name, again ensuring that it is compatible with the naming practices of western Europe during the Middle Ages.

This page lists the names and devices that have been registered within the SCA by past and present members of the Barony of Castel Rouge.

Sometimes a person is more commonly known within the Barony by a nickname or by the middle part of his or her registered name. In such cases, a cross-reference has been included to make it easier to find that person's entry.

Beneath each name is the "blazon" of that person's device -- the formal "herald-speak" description of the device as it is registered with the SCA College of Arms.

Color Guide

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Argent (silver/white)

Azure (blue)

Gules (red)

Or (gold/yellow)

Purpure (purple)

Sable (black)

Vert (green)

Brown (not a standard heraldic color, but sometimes used for wooden items)

Flesh (not a standard heraldic color, but sometimes used for people etc.)

"Can I copy the art on this page?"

All artwork on this page was drawn by Osric of Fayrehope (Wayne C. Morris), but the designs belong to the individuals who registered them.

If you you want to copy the picture of someone's device or badge so you can put it on something you're making for that person (for example, a gift or a scroll), then go right ahead, there's no need to ask for permission.

For any other purpose, you must ask for permission from the person who owns the device or badge that you want to use.