Traditional Events and Celebrations

The following are events which were celebrated at least two years in a row, or which at one time or another were recognized as official Baronial celebrations:

Twelfth Night: First celebrated in AS VIII (1974) though not regularized as an annual event at that time.

Valentine's Day: Celebrated by a feast and court of love. First celebrated in AS VI (1972).

Epsilonian New Year's Eve: The Vernal Equinox, March 20 - 22nd. Corresponds to the start of the old Roman calendar. Celebrated for the first time, c/o Lady Alfhild the Mad, in AS VI (1971). Once celebrated as St. Patrick's Day.

May Day: The start of the SCA calendar, and the anniversary of the official founding of the Barony of Castel Rouge. First celebrated in AS VII (1971).

Midsummer Tourney: First held in AS XII (1977)

St. Vladimir's Day: First celebrated on July 28, AS XI (1976).

Labour Day Tourney: First held in AS XII (1977).

Halloween: Celebrated in mundane costume, not SCA garb (though there was one year everyone else went in garb and Torin went as SpiderMan).

Baroness' Birthday, November 1st: The birthday of of our founder, Baroness Alixe. First celebrated in AS VIII (1974); Baroness Alixe and Lord Kazimierez Zdzislaw Zagloba had birthdays at around the same time, so a party was held.